You are kindly asked to read carefully our terms and conditions before proceeding with your booking.


Booking can be made through our website, by telephone, email or fax.


Payment through our website by PayPal or Credit Card

After checking the available dates, booking and the payment are made automatically by PayPal™, by which you can pay in the safest  way with your credit card (any type) even if you don’t have a PayPal™ account.

Payment by wire transfer or  credit card by email, telephone or fax

Payment by wire transfer

We kindly ask you to provide to the payment within 24 hours (1 working day) from the booking request, at the following account:

NAME: Hotel Virgilio srl

BANK: Deutsche Bank

IBAN: IT56N031041605000000821526


REASON OF PAYMENT: ( i.e. : booking  (your full name) from ……  to …… ).

Then, send us a copy of the bank receipt by email or fax (+39 0266982587)

Hotel Virgilio will confirm your booking by email.

Payment made beyond the above mentioned time relieves Hotel Virglio to maintain the option on the requested room/rooms: only in case they are still available, the booking will be confirmed by email. In negative case, Hotel Virgilio will refund  the amount paid to the customer, reduced of the bank and operating expenses.

Payment by credit card

After communicating the Hotel your credit card details, Hotel Virgilio will charge it of the due amount.

Also in this case  Hotel Virgilio will confirm your booking by email.


Time of arrival and departure

Rooms are available from 12 pm of your arrival day (time limit), and they have to be left at 10:30 am latest in the departure day.

The missed compliance of the time limit, except for particular reasons (flight delay/cancellation, strikes, natural disasters) that don’t let the customer notify the Hotel, or unless previous indications, causes the automatic dissolution of the booking contract, relieving Hotel Virgilio srl from any commitment towards the customer (art. 1457 c.c.). Hotel Virgilio will also keep the whole amount paid in compensation (art. 1382 c.c.).

Check in

At the check in, the customer will have to pay, besides the room and all the extras (breakfast) requested at the booking time, also the Tourist Tax for an amount of 3 € per person.

Payment can be made by:

  • cash
  • Traveler’s cheque
  • credit card

Check out

At the check out, customers will have to pay all the extras not yet counted during their stay (i.e. phone calls), as well as giving back the room key.

In case the customers will occupy the room beyond the check out time (10:30 am), a further day will be charged on their bill.


Customers withdrawal and non-fulfilment

Single customers can withdraw from their booking  up to 3 days before their arrival, without paying any penalties. Also in this case, Hotel Virgilio will refund the whole amount they paid, reduced of the bank and operating expenses.

In case of withdrawal within 3 days from the arrival, or  no-show, Hotel Virgilio will keep the whole amount paid by customers in compensation.


Groups withdrawal

 Groups can withdraw from the booking by paying the Hotel an amount in compensation, in the following terms:

  • Up to 30 days before the arrival: no penalties
  • From 29 to 15 days before the arrival: 50% of the amount paid
  • From 14 to 7 days before the arrival: 70% of the amount paid
  • Within 7 days before the arrival, or no show: 100 % of the amount paid

In case of early departure Hotel Virgilio has right to keep the whole amount paid for the stay.


Hotel non-fulfilment

In case Hotel Virgilio can’t fulfill the services that customers booked, Hotel Virgilio is obliged to refund the customers with the double of the amount the paid only if the customers won’t accept to be reallocated to another structure. In this case, all the expenses for the reallocation and the eventual price difference will be at Hotel’s charge.


Customers commitments

  1. At the booking time, customers have to communicate the eventual presence of animals (only small-size dogs are accepted, and always  at discretion of the Hotel Management), or other needs (breakfast, crib, etc.). Hotel Virgilio will  comply only with those customers requests established at the booking time.
  1. Customers must pay the due amount at the check in, unless they have already paid.
  1. Customers can occupy the room/rooms only for the booked period.
  1. They must not damage the rooms  (art. 1587 e 1588  c.c.), and follow the Hotel regulation with diligence ( ironing, cooking and hosting  people in the rooms is strictly forbidden)
  1. They must not damage and respect the commom parts (hall, bar, corridors, shared bathrooms).
  1. They must take care of the room and of all the room amenities with diligence: room key, television, hairdryer, safe, mini bar, remote controls, air conditioner and all the other amenities found in their room (art 1804 and 1809 c.c.).
  1. They must  leave the room in the same conditions in which they found it (art. 1590 c.c.).

Hotel commitments

Hotel Virgilio is obliged to:

  1. Supply  the customer the room and all the necessary services (room cleaning, etc.), and all the  extra services (breakfast, crib, etc.), for the period established at the booking time.
  2. Let the customer use the common areas and all the services offered by the Hotel structure (the hall, the snacks and drinks distributors, etc).
  3. Give the customers the room in good conditions (art. 1575 e 1576 c.c.).
  4. Keep in custody the goods belonging to the customers and brought into the Hotel (artt. 1783 ss. c.c ).
  5. Not modify the agreements made at the booking time unless these modifications are made in accordance with the customer (art. 1659 c.c.).
  6. Guarantee the surveillance, the hygiene and the safety of the hotel areas, in accordance to the law and guarantee the safety of the customer. (artt. 1175 e 1375 c.c.)

Hotel Virgilio is also responsible for all the damages/injuries suffered by the customer because of the lack of illumination, lack or damaged handrails along the stairs, for damages caused by an awkward or slippery floor.

Hotel Virgilio is totally or partially relieved from such responsibility if the above mentioned damages are caused by the customers themselves.

Use of personal data (privacy statement)

Your personal data will be handled only by Hotel Virgilio srl and only to fulfill your booking requests. For further information, please refer to the responsible of the customers personal data, Mr. Genchi Stefano.


The competent jurisdiction for any legal controversy between customers and Hotel Virgilio srl  is Milano’s  Court.


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